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I am a connectologist. Since 2002, I been studying and practicing the act of connectology which is the connecting of two or more people for the purpose of sharing ideas, information and resources to create WIN WIN outcomes. In English, many call this “networking for success” but at MIPAD, the World's #1 EXCELLENCE Network, we call this connectology!

In doing what I do, I interact with some of the most influential and successful people in the world which means I see success in its many different forms and I can tell you for FREE you can't cut & paste it because it is different for everyone.

This session is designed to support you define what success looks like for you and give tools on the art of networking to keep you on the path to living your dream life.

Come let’s have talk about networking for success, your dream life and new possibilities in 2018 and beyond!

I look forward to connecting with you #Connectologist #NewPossibilities

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Kamil O.,
CEO, Most Influential 100 Company,
The World's #1 Excellence Network & Networking for SUCCESS Coach

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Upcoming Event

Connectology Workshop Every Thursday in November
Private Sessions: 12pm-2pm (8th, 15th & 29th)
General Session: 4-6pm (22nd)
Content Outline for Connectology Workshop

General Session: N15,000 VIP Admission (General Workshop with Connectologist + US Thanksgiving Dinner Nov 22nd ONLY)
Private Sessions: N20,000 VVIP Admission (Private Workshop with Connectologist + US Thanksgiving Dinner)

Venue: Seedspace, Parkview Estate, Ikoyi
For more info, please contact: Segun 0808 779 3137 / Ada 0818 866 0628

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And my God are a Gift...and I mean it. I have met the so called international life coaches ....but you are unique! you will go so farrrrrr! I just love that I was part of #MyDreamLife Session....i extended my dream...this morning...hello someone...Wake me up!!!!

- Uchenna

Brilliant presentation It was quite creative and engaging..... We need to do an info graphic video presentation with a “call to action” at the end that says something like “I need the tools”

- Uche

Thank you for the lovely session you had with us, I'll be looking forward to the tools as promised

- Lamide

Nice presentation..... Everyone needs to experience what I did today.... A definite must have

- Demola

Absolutely filled with an energy to do...Liked it, a strong energy to row in the direction of my dreams; this energy comes from awareness and action plan of techniques made available

- Eti